Class II A2 Bio-safety Cabinet
Type Safety Cabinets
Material Alloy Steel
Color Silver
Appearance Antique, Classy, Modern
Finishing Polished
Structure Fully Assembled, Knock Down
Features Bright And Shining, Dust Proof, Fine Finished, Hard Structure, Lacquer Polished
Door type Doubke Door
Height 1-3Ft, 12-15Ft, 3-6Ft
Depth 100mm, 200mm, 300mm

Whitenair Class II A2 Bio-safety Cabinet blends the latest generation of energy efficient ERI motor ( External Rotor induction) technology with whitenar’s sound expertise of more than 15 years in bio-safety cabinet design. Whitenair BSC combines a multitude of design,construction and proprietary technological consideration to bestow optimum operator,Product and Environmental protection. Utilizing 2 minipleated ULPA/HEPA Filters which operate at typical efficiency of 99.999%/99.995%, Whitenair BSC features a 10 degree sloped front for maximum operator comfort.One peace SS work zone and the absence of screws in the work zone facilitate ease of cleaning after experiments. The Epoxy powder coating finish prevent microbial growth on exterior and delivers a sleek, elegant appearance.