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Class II B2 Bio-safety Cabinet

Class II B2 Bio-safety Cabinet

Whitenair Class II B2 Bio-safety Cabinet are designed to provide operator,Products, and Environmental protection in Experiments where recirculation of filtered air prohibited,due to the presence of chemical fumes emitted during the process. Chemical Fumes canot be captured by the filters and will be harmful to the operator if re circulated with in the laboratory.Hence whitenair  Class II B2 BSC have to be ducted to an external blower for total exhaust to outer Environment.

Key Benefit

  • Energy efficient ERI Motor
  • Established Safety as all the whitenair BSC comply to the requirement of most of the international Standards Such as NSF/ANSI 49,EN 12469 etc.
  • Ergonomic, featuring arm rest, angled front.
  • High power Exhaust blower.
  • Dedicated Ducting system

Dimensional Chart Bio Safety Cabinet Class II Type B2

Model No External Sizes Internal Working Area
L D H L1 D1 H1
W BSC 30 SB2 1050 905 2251 915 610 610
W BSC 40 SB2 1350 905 2251 1220 610 610
W BSC 50 SB2 1675 905 2251 1525 610 610
W BSC 60 SB2 1980 905 2251 1830 610 610

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